Victorious Vagabond

Upwards and Onwards



7: Edge of my World

The Vagabond plunges into the Void, and reaches the enchanting border of New Mexico. The adventure truly begins!

6: My Heart Lies in Safford

The courage to walk a thousand miles begins with overcoming the fear of the first step.

5: On the Road to Willcox

I hear my train a'comin down them tracks, chuggin' along from a forgotten past and towards an unknown future.

4: Tucson, Part Two

I get a weird massage, do some swordfighting, and face my destiny.

3: Tucson, Part One

Down into Tucson, where strangers give freely, old memories come alive, and new friends are made.

2: Florence to Catalina

The adventure continues!

1: First Day of the Vagabond Expedition

A rough start to a grand adventure!

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